Philosophy is an excellent major for any field or career.  There are countless lawyers, accountants, engineers, doctors, teachers, cabinet makers, builders, salesmen—and, perhaps most important of all—homemakers, who have majored in philosophy and have said that no other path of study would have given them the same deep and broad education.  Without a solid foundation in philosophy, it is difficult to be a good citizen, to understand the principles underlying our work, and to make wise choices in our personal lives.  Philosophy is essential to the integration of faith and reason for a Christian. We see all around us the ways in which persons and institutions go astray when they lack a foundation in sound philosophy.

Consider the following list:

"a clear thinker"
"able to analyze a problem quickly and reach a solution"
"excellent at organizing issues"
"a thought leader"
"great sense of humor"
"not a comformist -- a creative person"
"sees quickly what is fundamentally at stake"
"thinks outside the box"
"keeps things in proportion"
"a quick study"
"highly logical and very sharp"
"can come at a problem from an entirely new angle"

If you were an employer, would you want to hire someone like that?
You'd be quick to do so.  But that is the kind of person the study of
philosophy helps you to become.  Numerous studies and anecdotal stories
have confirmed the life-long value and utility of philosophy studies in

The lists of successful people in various fields who have studied
philosophy go on and on -- people like the famous investor Peter Lynch
or comedian Steve Martin.   See the compilation here:


Philosophy majors at AMU can apply for internships at the Heritage Foundation, the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, the Institute for Humane Studies, the Becket Fund, and many other programs.