American Studies

American Studies

American Studies is an interdisciplinary major that focuses on the principles of the American regime, the history of the American republic and the unique culture that emerges from American foundational principles.  Courses are primarily drawn from the disciplines of politics and history, while also including courses in literature as well as other subjects when focused on American themes. Students who complete the major will demonstrate knowledge of the extent, aim, end, and structure of America’s constitutional republic, the philosophic principles upon which it was founded, and the extra-political, cultural institutions that are part of its foundation.

Major Requirements
Required Courses:
POLT 203 American Civilization
POLT 304 Constitutional Law
POLT 301 American Government
POLT 415 American Political Thought
POLT 490 Senior Seminar
LITR 411 American Literature or any other Literature course dealing with American literature

2 out of 3 of the following History offerings
HIST 212 Colonial America
HIST 213 Revolution to Civil War
HIST 214 Reconstruction to Present

2 Electives which may include the following:

POLT 307 Presidency
POLT 314 US Foreign Policy
POLT 305 Public Policy

Elective courses can be taken in any department. All courses must focus on primary sources and original documents. All academic departments of the University are therefore invited to submit course syllabi for consideration.  All elective courses considered for fulfilling the elective requirements will be approved by the Department of Politics.