Honors Program FAQ

Do I have to be in a dorm with just honor students?

The Honors Program at Ave Maria University offers designated clusters of rooms for honors students within the regular men’s and women’s residence halls.  The honors sections will have specially designated Resident Assistants to support and assist the students and organize activities.  Students may contact the Office of Residence Life to request alternative dorm assignments.  

Are there special luncheons/dinners?  Will there be guest lecturers for honors students?

The Honors Program includes the Honors Integrated Colloquia that meet at least twice each semester.  In addition, we anticipate offering additional meals, lectures, and activities depending on student interest and availability. 

How many honors classes do I take and are they only in the core curriculum?

Honors students typically take two honors courses per semester over their first four semesters.  Students are encouraged to choose honors courses in subjects in which they have greater ability and interest.  Most of these courses are in the core curriculum, but the courses in the core curriculum are also the beginning of many majors. 

Should I consider the Honors Program, if I want to get involved in social activities and other campus clubs?

We have found that our higher achieving students are often quite engaged in the broader campus activities, and thus will offer students in the Honors Program many opportunities for involvement during their years at Ave Maria.                            

Can I be in the Honors Program if I have daily intercollegiate athletics practices? 

Yes. We are committed to scheduling honors sections outside of afternoon practice times.  Also, should scheduling conflicts prove unavoidable, students may arrange an honors contract to convert a regular section of a course into an honors section. 

Will Honors courses hurt my GPA and thus my chances of getting into graduate school?

Students generally succeed at higher rates in classes in which they are engaged at the appropriate level and are able to develop relationships with their professors.  These are the very benefits provided by the honors program.  In fact, given the achievement and aptitude of honors students, Honors sections will typically have higher average grades than non-honors sections.

Should I enter in the Honors Program, if I’m considering a double-major or extra minors?

Yes.  The honors program does not require any additional courses in the core curriculum so there is no conflict.  Students that are interested in earning a second major or minors should begin working with their academic advisors early on in their program to ensure appropriate course selection.

Can I leave the Honors Program?

Students may leave the Honors Program at the end of any semester simply by notifying the Director of the Honors Program.  If a student does not complete the requirements for the Honors Program, the student would simply complete the regular core and major requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree.  Only successful completions of the Honors Program are recognized on the transcript. 

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