The Writing Center @ AMU

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
John 1:1

“Language most shows a man: Speak that I may see thee.”
Ben Jonson


Blessed John Henry Newman observed that “thought and speech are inseparable from each other,” an observation hardly new or revolutionary in his own time and one that is no less, and in fact may be more, crucial in our time today. Following Newman, and granting that our existence is incarnate, one conclusion that can be drawn from Newman’s observation is that writing, not thinking, is the fundamental skill of academic life, for it may well be that thinking is only truly thinking when given form in language. Thus, within any university, and in particular within a university grounded upon the Catholic intellectual tradition, the ability of the student to express the interior life—both intellectual and spiritual—in language is a concern of the first order. The Writing Center @ AMU exists to help guide and support students as they learn to use language to engage, to express and to cultivate the richness of the intellectual and spiritual life at Ave Maria University.


Our goal is to take every student where he or she is and to help them as they strive to become better writers. The Writing Center @ AMU is available to all students, regardless of grade or skill level. The Center offers 30-minute tutoring sessions during which your tutor will assess your writing both in general and in regards to your specific assignment.