Intramural Sports

Intramural Sports

Ave Maria University has instituted a strong year-round intramural program. It is open to students, faculty and staff, free of charge. They compete against one another in the spirit of fun and recreation. This past year the program saw an involvement of nearly 500 unique students, of which nearly 150 were Freshmen. 

Ave Maria has the following intramural sports:

Fall Semester

Co-Ed Volleyball: 

  • We are hoping that the uniqueness of the Florida sun, along with the sandy courts, enables volleyball participants of Ave Maria University to capitalize on this exceptional opportunity.

Flag Football

  • The Intramural Flag Football season has been one of the most popular sports among the Ave students. The flag football season is split into men's & women's divisions and runs in the Fall.

Co-Ed Dodgeball

  • The Co-ed Intramural Dodgeball season is a great opportunity for students to wind down after mid-terms. Official dodgeball rules are observed as each team vies for the title of Champions during the fast-paced season. Games last 15 minutes at most, so often a team will be able to play two or more matches a night.

Spring Semester

Co-Ed Soccer

  • Rounding out our Intramural sports schedule for the second half of the spring is our Co-ed Soccer program. Soccer has proven to be quite a competitive and very popular sport amongst the students here at Ave Maria University.

Co-Ed Frisbee

  • Intramural Frisbee combines the elements of soccer, football and basketball in a fast-paced game, played with a Frisbee, in which everyone is a quarterback and also a receiver.


  • The students of Ave Maria University participate in Intramural Basketball, competing in the state-of-the-art Golisano Fieldhouse