Ave Maria University Announces New Building Plans

18 November 2020

The Ave Maria University Board of Directors has approved three new, major building projects designed to enhance and enrich the student experience. These projects include:

  1. An overhaul and reconstruction of Golisano Field House
  2. A new 6,500 square-foot locker room facility
  3. A new outdoor, open-air, multi-court covered basketball facility called Judi’s Gym

The Golisano Field House originally built in 2011 will be replaced by an updated and remodeled facility. It will continue to serve as the home for the basketball and volleyball teams but will also feature a new weight room open to all students as well as serving AMU’s 19 varsity and six junior varsity sports.

“The Golisano Field House has served us well over the past decade. It has been the center of so many activities for our students and great memories for our alumni,” said President Christopher Ice. “The new facility will offer additional features and benefits, and undoubtedly be a place current and future student athletes will be proud to call their home.”

The second major project is a 6,500 square-foot locker room facility for football, baseball, softball, women’s soccer, men’s soccer, and lacrosse. It will be located directly across Kelleher Street from the athletic fields.

“These new buildings will transform the student-athletes’ experience at Ave Maria University,” said Director of Athletics Joe Patterson. “The generosity shown by Ave Maria leadership demonstrates a clear commitment to the AMU student-athlete.”

The third major project is a multi-court covered basketball facility, made possible by a $2 million donation. Judi’s Gym, as it will be known, will be located south of the dormitories, directly across Dolan Street. The final product will eventually house six full-length courts.

The new facility will greatly enhance the recreational space for all students, especially those involved in intramural sports. Additional benefits of having a covered space will enable the university to hold outdoor events at the facility.

The three building projects capture the growth and momentum of Ave Maria University.

In the fall of 2020, AMU welcomed a record number of varsity and junior-varsity athletes to campus. These athletes have produced an unprecedented grade point average (GPA) statistically identical to the rest of the student body. Athletics has had a similar improvement in on-field and on-court performance as 10 of the current 14 varsity sports have achieved a winning record in at least one of the past two years.

Building on this success, Ave Maria University will expand the number of varsity sports offered. Varsity men’s and women’s swimming and diving will be launched immediately with varsity competition slated for fall 2021. Men’s and women’s golf, both of which had been suspended last semester due to budget concerns related to COVID-19, will be reestablished and compete at the varsity level beginning in fall 2021. 

AMU will also formally introduce junior varsity programs in women’s basketball, softball, and men’s soccer, joining the already-established JV programs in men’s basketball, baseball, and women’s soccer.

“Ave Maria University will be coming out of the pandemic stronger than ever,” said Ice. “It’s a testimony to the resiliency of the AMU athletes, coaches, students, and donors.”