Fr. Gregory Hrynkiw Presents Lecture at AMU

Hieromonk Gregory Hrynkiw, ASTH, recipient of the Aquinas Center’s dissertation prize for 2014, lectured at AMU on Friday, November 20th. An audio recording of the lecture can be heard below.

Fr. Hrynkiw has been a Byzantine-Catholic monk since 1989. While serving as Protohegumenos of the Basilian Order in Ukraine from February 2004 to July 2007, he fought on the front lines against systemic corruption. After suffering threats to his life, he was ordered to return to Rome, and in 2010 made his solemn profession of monastic vows into the Hermitage of the Three Holy Hierarchs. The Hermitage is a form of consecrated life, which follows the “middle path” of St. Gregory of Nazianzus, uniting both the contemplative (theoria) and active (praxis) aspects of monastic life.

In 2014, hieromonk Gregory completed his doctoral dissertation on Cajetan on Sacred Doctrine (In ST, I, q. 1): An Original Contribution towards a Theology of “Light from Light” by a Renaissance Cardinal and Theologian in via Thomae under the direction of Mons. Charles Morerod, O.P. at the Angelicum in Rome. At present, he is in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, preaching and teaching. He is also the publisher of The Asketerion, which is the journal of the Hermitage of the Three Holy Hierarchs.

Hieromonk Gregory Hrynkiw’s November 20, 2015 lecture at Ave Maria University:

Stein Center to Host Conference Nov. 5-6

The Stein Center for Social Research at AMU will host the conference, “Reimagining Care for the Poor” this Thursday and Friday on the campus of Ave Maria University. The Stein Center for Social Research is an interdisciplinary institute for advanced studies in social science and social thought, oriented to understanding the nature and character of human flourishing.

The keynote lecture, by David Lapp, will take place on Thursday, November 5th at 5 pm in the Demetree Auditorium at AMU.  All are welcome to attend this presentation. Lapp’s talk is entitled “A Poor Church for the Poor: How We Can Accompany Our Neighbors in Need–and Save Our Souls in the Process.”

We hope to see you on Thursday!