AMU Welcomes Columba Bush to Campus

The Ave Maria University community welcomed Mrs. Columba Bush to campus on Monday, October 12. Mrs. Bush was greeted warmly by AMU students as she toured campus and visited the Mother Teresa Museum.

Dealing with the Hand God Gave Me

Remembering the words spoken by then five year-old Valeria Tkacik still gives her mother, Anne, goose bumps. “I turned around to look at her and she was looking at me and smiling and I’ll never forget that day. She said Mommy, I was born to make people happy. I said to her I know you will. I truly believe she was getting a message from the angels right then. And from all her achievements, I know this to be true.” These days, Valeria is a standout lacrosse player for Ave Maria University in Florida. By all accounts, she is a leader on and off the field. Tkacik was named to the National Women’s Lacrosse League South Regional Team and is considered a talented athlete who loves playing lacrosse, basketball, golf, track, soccer and flag football. A good student in the classroom, Tkacik was also accepted as a Mother Teresa Scholar at Ave Maria. She has contributed service time for charity work, including a mission trip to Harlem, NY where she served the poor and homeless. Also, Tkacik recently got a haircut and donated 12 inches of her hair to Art of Wigs (Texas) to help cancer patients. As a freshman, she served as a representative on Ave Maria’s Student Government. For her sophomore year, Tkacik will serve on the Student Activities Board and was selected for Ave Maria’s Media Internship Program. And if those achievements aren’t enough, Valeria is also a motivational speaker, helping patients who are struggling with the loss of limbs and providing them encouragement. The reason? Tkacik can relate to their story. Read more…

Anthony Valle Wins Grant Awarded by the Joseph Ratzinger-Benedict XVI Vatican Foundation

Anthony Valle, Research Fellow in the Department of Theology at Ave Maria University, was named winner of one of ten grants given by the Joseph Ratzinger-Benedict XVI Vatican Foundation in Rome. Valle’s article, titled “Retrieving the christological core of Joseph Ratzinger’s communio ecclesiology”, is part of the volume “Proceedings of the international Symposium of Theology” (Dublin 2013), collecting the interventions of a Symposium dedicated to Ecclesiology of the Communion. The Symposium was celebrated in 2012 in Maynooth, Ireland, during the 50th Dublin International Eucharistic Congress, 50 years after the opening of the Second Vatican Council.