Frequently Asked Questions - Summer Courses

What is the cost per credit hour?

$349/credit hour

What are the dates for the 2 sessions?

First Session: May 12 - June 21

Second Session (online only): June 23 - August 2

Are both On-Campus Lectures and Distance Learning Classes offered?

Yes, both traditional lectures on campus as well as Distance Learning Online classes are offered.

When can I enroll for summer courses?

Enrollment opens March 19, 2014

Where can I find the list of courses offered?

AMU Self Service

How much is the cost of on-campus housing?

On-campus Housing cost is $600 for the first six week session.

If I stay on campus am I required to pay for the meal plan?

There is no requirement to purchase a meal plan.  You may purchase meal tickets at the cafeteria for $45 for 11 meals to be used at your convenience.

For Florida residents, will my summer classes G.P.A. be counted towards my Florida Bright Futures Scholarship?

Yes, your summer term grades can be counted towards your Florida Bright Futures G.P.A.  You must contact the Financial Aid Department and request a resubmission of your G.P.A.

Can I use a summer term course to replace a grade from a failed course?

Yes, but be sure to check with Registrar, Stephanie Negip, that you are repeating the correct course.

Where are textbooks available?

Textbooks are available at the AMU Follett Bookstore and through “Self-Service.”

How many courses may I take in a single session? 

Generally you may take 2 courses with a maximum of 9 credit hours per session.