Curriculum for the Education Minor

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The Education Minor (for Grade 6-12 teachers)

The Education Minor is a sequence of courses that allows students majoring in another discipline to develop familiarity with the teaching profession. While courses will serve as useful preparation for those who would like to enter 6-12th grade teaching career, this minor will not on its own satisfy the requirements for a Florida state teaching credential. This program may help teachers seeking immediate employment in private schools which do not require state credentials or in public or private schools which give a grace period to earn a credential via alternative certification while employed. The typical student will enroll in two education elective courses per term and complete 7 courses in education typically worth twenty-three hours. The Ave Maria University student who completes the Minor in Education will also have an exceptional comprehensive liberal arts grounding and a major in a subject matter. This threefold combination will make the student a more effective educator. The University’s reputation for faithful Catholicism should also make our minor graduates more attractive to some parochial and independent primary and secondary schools.

7 Courses are required for the Minor 
EDUC 201 Educational Foundations   
EDUC 301 Human Development and Learning (cross listed as PSYC 301) 
      or EDUC 202 Educational Psychology
EDUC 210 Measurement and Evaluation in the Classroom
EDUC 220 Instructional Strategies
EDUC 230 Principles and Methods of Teaching Reading
EDUC 240 Classroom Management & Organization
ELECTIVE An Education Elective approved by the Program Director which may
     include courses such as EDUC 350 Instructional Strategies for Specific 
     Disciplines or EDUC 250 ESOL Foundations.