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Finally...a home for music in Catholic higher education.

Ave Maria University’s Department of Music is fast becoming a leader among Catholic universities in music. Besides a close working relationship with faculty, excellent resources, and premium performance opportunities, AMU’s curriculum in music provides students with practical skills and a rigorous intellectual formation that prepare our graduates for musical leadership in a variety of contexts.   The Department of Music accepts students in piano, voice, or organ, by audition only.

Applied music study and performance are the context in which students bring all the aspects of their musicianship to life, individually and in ensemble. Private lessons, a very active and high-caliber choral ensemble program, and many solo performance opportunities form the basis of applied study at AMU. Visiting artist masterclasses and performances are hosted regularly, bringing our students in touch with top professionals in the field.  Recent guests include Bruce Ford, international opera tenor; John Robilette, concert pianist; and Laughing Bird, a professional vocal quartet.

Music theory is indispensable to the musician, informing the student’s approach to performance and allowing him to handle the raw materials of music through composition. This focus on the creative process furnishes the student with heightened judgment and frees his musical imagination.  By teaching music as a liberal art, AMU appeals to a thousand-year tradition that places music among the most important disciplines for forming the mind.

Music history study is paramount for an understanding of the cultural impact of music on human civilization, and how human civilization affects music in its turn.  These lessons influence the way today’s musicians apply their gifts and their art to the cause of cultural formation in the light of a Christian vision.

The art of conducting requires the culmination of a broad nexus of musical competencies – both applied and theoretical – and places them in the service of musical leadership. 

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