Core Courses

HIST 101          Western Civilization I

HIST 102          Western Civilization II

Required Major Courses

HIST 208          Intermediate History of the United States

HIST 401          Historiography

HIST 490/495   Senior Seminar/Honors Thesis

Elective Major Courses (five required – of which one must be an American History topic)

Intermediate Courses in History

HIST 224          Medieval Europe

HIST 225          Renaissance & Reformation

HIST 228          20th Century Europe

HIST 266          British Empire

HIST 267          Victorian Society            

HIST 290          History of Ideas

Advanced Courses in History

HIST 301          Topics in Church History

HIST 307          The United States Presidency

HIST 312          America: The Colonial Era

HIST 313          America: The Revolution through the Civil War

HIST 314          America: Reconstruction through the Present

HIST 322          Ancient Greece

HIST 323          Ancient Rome

HIST 335          History of Modern Italy

HIST 352          American Economic History

HIST 355          The American West

HIST 359          American Political History

HIST 362          The Crusades

HIST 363          Chivalry and Knighthood

HIST 367          War & Culture

HIST 372          The Holocaust