The study of history encompasses every aspect of human interaction, including the economy, culture, thought, and politics. Students of history study individuals, groups, communities, and nations from every imaginable perspective while using all techniques to raise questions and probe for answers.

The major in history exists because of that special environment in which man lives: time. History is a way of understanding the ways men and their societies change over time. Furthermore, history properly understood should focus not just on the events and changes, but also on the reasons for those changes. Thus, history stresses more than just knowledge of places or facts; rather, it stresses analysis and insight. For the Catholic, history assumes a special importance. By the fact of the Incarnation, at a specific place, in a specific time, God Himself has sacralized human life, and, indeed, time itself. The major in history at Ave Maria University imparts to students a wide ranging knowledge of the worlds of the past, the tools to analyze them, and the confidence to embrace the complexity of human actions and cultures.


The History program offers both a major and a minor.

Core Courses

  • HIST 101 Western Civilization I
  • HIST 102 Western Civilization II
  • HIST 203/POLT 203 American Civilization

Required Major Courses

  • HIST 290 History of Ideas
  • HIST 315 Junior Research Seminar
  • HIST 401 Historiography

Elective Major Courses (four required)

Intermediate Courses in American History

  • HIST 212 America: The Colonial Era
  • HIST 213 America: The Revolution through the Civil War
  • HIST 214 America: Reconstruction through the Present

Intermediate Courses in European History

  • HIST 224 Medieval Europe
  • HIST 225 The Renaissance and Reformation
  • HIST 228 Modern & Contemporary Europe

Advanced Courses in American and European History

  • HIST 301 Church History
  • HIST 335 History of Modern Ireland
  • HIST 352 American Economic History
  • HIST 359 American Political History
  • HIST 362 The Crusades
  • HIST 366 The History of the British Empire
  • HIST 367 War and Society

Minor in History

A Minor in History is available. Students must complete three history courses beyond the three required for the core curriculum.

For a complete 4 year plan please see the Academic Catalogue.