Global Affairs & International Business

About the Global Affairs & International Business Major

The last four decades have seen an enormous increase in the amount and the intensity of interaction across the globe.  Business is global.  Everyone is aware of the enormous impact that the rest of the world has on our daily lives.  Today, very few firms and corporations can afford to ignore what happens beyond the country’s borders. 

What does this process of globalization mean?  How can we understand it?  How can we manage it?  Is it a force for good or for ill?  To the basic toolset of business, the major in International Business adds the principles, concepts, and ideas of a globalized world, opening up the world for you.

At Ave Maria, you will round out your education with rigorous study in the humanities and the sciences, standing on the shoulders of giants and learning the best that has been thought and said.  And you will have every encouragement to grow in your faith and to develop your sense of integrity, honor, and virtue, both in your classes and through business internships, mentoring and career guidance.

Contact the Department Chair
Gabriel X. Martinez, Ph.D.