What are the essential skills for business? How do you face the challenges of a changing world? How do you learn to judge rightly and with integrity, and do right for your family and your colleagues?

You want to study business because you have a practical mindset. Perhaps you want to start your own business. Perhaps you see yourself working in a corporation, contributing and even working your way up to the top.  Perhaps your path is in a non-profit or the Church.

To do any of this, you want to learn the basics, sharpen your skills, enlarge your mind, and enrich your soul.  In the AMU Business program you will learn the basics in marketing and management, finance and accounting, economics and statistics, global issues and business law.  You will sharpen your skills in communication and analysis, in working with others and working with numbers, in seeing the big picture and in drilling down to details. 

At Ave Maria, you will round out your education with rigorous study in the humanities and the sciences, standing on the shoulders of giants and learning the best that has been thought and said.  And you will have every encouragement to grow in your faith and to develop your sense of integrity, honor, and virtue, both in your classes and through business internships, mentoring and career guidance.


Contact the Business Department:
Gabriel X. Martinez, Ph.D.