Online Forms

Online Forms

On this page, you will find several forms used by the Office of Academic Records in our efforts to assist you as quickly and efficiently as possible.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at (239) 280-2565 or by email at .

Many of the forms on this page require the free Adobe Acrobat (TM) Reader.  You can download this software at

Forms for Registration

Add/Drop Form:  For use when you wish to add or drop a course if you are unable to do so via Self Service.

Course Withdrawal Form:  For use when you wish to withdraw from a course after the last day to Drop but before or on the last day to withdraw without penalty.  (Please review the academic calendar for the specific dates)

Directed Independent Study Form:  This form must be completed, signed by all required parties, and submitted to the Office of Academic Records no later than the last day to Add courses.

Transient Student Form/External Coursework Approval Form:  For use by matriculated students only seeking permission to take courses at other instutitons and apply that credit to their Ave Maria University program of study.

Forms for Changes to Student Information/Status

Declaration of Major/Minor:  Students are asked to complete and submit this form during their Sophomore year.  This form may also be used to indicate a double major, minor, or multiple minors.  If you have already declared one major and wish to add a double major, please simply add as "second major" on this form.

Institutional Withdrawal Form:  This form is only to be used by students who are withdrawing from Ave Maria University, not simply withdrawing from a class.  Please note: if you intend to finish the current term and then depart Ave Maria University, please complete and submit this form at the end of the semester.

Change of Address Form:  This form must be completed and submitted within 10 days of a student's move to ensure proper record maintenance.

Application to Graduate Forms

Graduation is not automatic!  You must complete the appropriate Application to Graduate form (found below or in the Office of Academic Records) and submit it no later than the semester immediately preceding the semester in which you will graduate.  The form can be turned in to the Office of Academic Records (room 103, Student Enrollment Center), or emailed to  Faxed applications will also be accepted; the number is 239.280.2566.

Upon receipt of the Application to Graduate, the Office of Academic Records will complete a Degree Audit.  If any discrepancies are noted, you will be contacted via your Ave Maria email.

Application to Receive a Bachelor of Arts Degree:  (PDF)        

Application to Receive a Master of Arts Degree:      (PDF)    

Application to Receive a Doctor of Phil. Degree:      (PDF)    

Miscellaneous Forms

FERPA Release Form:  Under the terms of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, students at Ave Maria University are able to restrict certain elements of their academic records.  Please complete this form if you have not already done so and submit it to the Registrar as soon as possible.

In-School Deferment Request Form: This form is to be filled out completely, including any Lender information, and submitted to the Registrar for certification.

Direct Lending Deferment Request Form: This form is to be filled out completely and submitted to the Registrar for certification for those students participating in Direct Lending.