Catholic Americana Collection

A collection of Catholic Americana consisting of North American Catholic biographies, histories, directories, and copies of the Ordo for American dioceses. The collection also contains significant subcategories, including Diocesan Synod documents and Custom and Rule books for religious orders in the United States.To locate items within this collection, add your own keywords to this search.

Father Robert A. Graham, S.J. Collection

Titles concerning church/state relations and related questions such as international law, diplomacy, war and peace, human rights, the temporal power of the papacy, religious freedom, concordats, freedom of conscience, and Vatican relations with sovereign states.

Romano Guardini Collection

Romano Guardini’s own typescripts and also copies of virtually all of his separate publications in German from 1907 to his death in 1968.

Sheila Kaye-Smith Collection

The complete works of Kaye-Smith (1887-1956) including signed correspondence and photographs.

Natural Family Planning Archive

Ave Maria University has acquired a comprehensive library archive on the history and international development of natural methods of family planning. Assembled by teachers, scientists and theologians who have collaborated since the publication of Humanae Vitae in 1968, the collection includes books and publications in over 30 languages. To locate items in this collection, add your own keywords to this search.

John Henry Newman and the Oxford Movement Collection

Books pertaining to the Oxford Movement including manuscript letters by John Henry Newman.

Michael Novak Collection

George Frederick Jewett Chair Emeritus at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, D.C, is a world renowned author, philosopher and theologian.  The collection includes books, manuscripts, correspondence, journal articles and awards.

Samuel French, Inc. Playbills Collection

Playbills from 1960-2000 donated by former Editor-in-Chief, William Talbot, of Samuel French, Inc., a publishing company that pioneered the concept of providing published plays and musical plays to theatrical producing groups throughout the world.

Original Leaves from Famous Bibles. Nine Centuries 1121-1935 A.D.

Sixty leaves from famous and rare Bibles and Testaments, dating from the twelfth to the twentieth century, have been selected to illustrate important changes in content and format.