Canizaro Library Staff wishes to thank our major donors.  To see a list of our major donors please click here.

Canizaro Library Gifts-in-Kind Acceptance Policy

It is the policy of the Canizaro Library to accept selected gifts following an evaluation of the gift materials. Included in this policy is the understanding that the Library reserves the right to refuse any materials that the Library staff deems to be inappropriate for the collections or which duplicate current holdings. All donated items become the permanent property of Ave Maria University, and the Library assumes the responsibility of determining the retention, placement within the collection, location, cataloging treatment, and any other considerations relating to the use and disposition of the materials.
Due to space limitations and preservation practices, the Library is unable to accept the following materials:

  • Textbooks
  • Most mass-market paperbacks
  • Popular magazines (i.e. National Geographic, Smithsonian, etc.)
  • U.S. government publications
  • Books and scholarly journals which duplicate our holdings
  • Materials in poor condition or exhibiting signs of mold or mildew
  • Material that contains highlighting, underlining, or annotations (unless annotations are by a famous author)
  • Outmoded formats (8-track tapes, 5.25-inch computer disks, LPs, Betamax)
  • Electronic materials requiring dated software.
  • Materials which might cause the Library to be liable for copyright infringement (ie., illegally copied audio and video recordings.)

Individuals wishing to make a donation of materials should contact the Circulation Desk at (239) 280-2557.

Rare books, scholarly works, or works on out-of-the-way or little-known topics are often a good fit for the library. We are also glad to have new books, and replacements for items missing from our shelves.

Donors must have the donated materials delivered to:

Canizaro Library
Ave Maria University
5251 Donahue Street
Ave Maria, FL 34142. 

Normally the University cannot provide or pay for transporting donations to the Library.  If you have particularly valuable materials (appraised at over $500 per item), we may be willing to pay for transportation. 

Process for Delivering Gifts to the Canizaro Library

In most cases, it is the responsibility of the donor to arrange for delivery of books and other material to the Canizaro Library. Please ensure that all books and other items are in boxes or sturdy bags with your name, address and phone number attached. In order to begin the process of making a gift-in-kind donation, please complete the Gift-in-Kind contribution form which can also be obtained from the Canizaro Library at the Circulation Desk. Items may be delivered directly to the Main Circulation/Reference Desk, first floor of the Canizaro Library, whenever the Library is open.

Valuation Process for Gifts-in-Kind

A.  All donations, regardless of value, must be accompanied by a completed and signed Gift-in-Kind contribution form which can also be obtained from the Canizaro Library at the Circulation Desk. The University's Development Office will send an official letter acknowledging receipt of the gift after the donation has been received.

Please fill out the Gift-in-Kind form and send with your shipment: Gift-in-Kind Form

B.  For donations at the $500 to $4,999 level, it is recommended that IRS form 8283 be submitted to the Library, along with the gift and the Gift-in-Kind contribution form as specified in paragraph A above. The 8283 will be signed by the Acquisitions Librarian and returned to the donor. The form should be submitted with the donor's yearly tax return if a deduction is to be claimed.

C.  Donations with a value of $5,000.00 and over must be accompanied by the Gift-in-Kind contribution form as described in paragraph A. Donations at this level also must be accompanied by a professional and independent appraisal. The appraiser must submit IRS Form 8283, along with a copy of the appraisal, and statement of appraiser's qualifications, to the Canizaro Library. A list of certified appraisers is available through the Antiquarian Booksellers' Association of America at:, or via telephone at (212) 944-8291. This form will be signed and returned to the donor. It must be submitted with the yearly tax return if a deduction is to be claimed.