Faculty & Staff

Faculty & Staff


Ethan Milukas

Admissions Counselor
Ethan Milukas
Education: B.A. History, Ave Maria University
Office: Student Enrollment Center
Phone: 239-280-1562
Fax: (239) 280-2559


Born and Raised: I was born in Frankfurt, Germany; raised in a military family. I lived in Germany, South Carolina, Kansas, and different parts of Georgia.
Alma Mater and Major: Ave Maria University, B.A. History.

Favorite thing about Ave Maria University: The small class sizes and the attention that it allows professors to give their students.

Favorite Book and Movie: Anything by Shakespeare. The Dark Knight Trilogy.

Hobbies and Activities:  While I was a student, I was a member of Students for Life, editor of the Gyrene Gazette, and a member of Filii in Filio Household.