Student Billing Information

Student Billing Information

Semester Statements

Account statement information is provided via Self-Service in advance of each semester to give families time to finalize payment arrangements for the net balance due (base charges less finalized financial aid, private/alternative loans, outside scholarships, and other payments). An e-mail is sent to each student’s official AMU.EDU e-mail account to notify you that your statement is now available for viewing on the CASHNet payment portal, available as a link through your Self-Service account, the electronic billing and online student records service of Ave Maria University.

In addition to reflecting your student account charges and payments, the online billing statement will show and subtract the amount(s) covered by your approved Tuition Payment Plan, and any authorized anticipated or finalized financial aid. Authorized anticipated aid may include Federal and State scholarships and/or grants, student and/or parent loans, and institutional and/or outside scholarships and grants. Students must have authorized anticipated aid in order to properly defer payment. Anticipated Aid Awards are entered on the student's account only after the financial aid award process has been completed by the student, the Office of Financial Aid, and the appropriate agencies (DOE, State of Florida).  Without authorized anticipated aid, students are expected to pay charges up front and wait for reimbursement when the aid, waiver or scholarship funds are actually received. Students should apply early for any financial aid they expect to use to pay their university charges. 

The Monthly Statement

The purpose of the monthly statement is to communicate new activity on your account. You will receive your monthly statement electronically through Self-Service. You should monitor your electronic monthly statement to confirm credits from your payments, loans, and grants to ensure they have actually arrived at Ave Maria University and have been posted to your account. You should also monitor this statement for additional charges, since the Student Financial Services Office acts as a clearinghouse for student charges originating from other departments of the University, such as dorm damage charges or lost key fees. Additional charges should be paid promptly. The student should share this billing information with parents or guardians as appropriate.

Student Bill and Methods of Payment

In accordance with University policy, full payment of the total student bill must be made prior to the Clear Your Bill (CYB) day. Failure to clear your bill by the CYB date will result in the suspension of a student’s class registration and dorm room reservation.  All financial aid documentation and applications must be received by the University and processed by the CYB date. Late documentation will preclude the disbursement of financial aid and will require payment in full to the University prior to class attendance.

Ave Maria University can only accept funds in US dollars. Payment may be made by personal check (drawn on a US bank), cash, bank check, US money order, electronic check (ACH), MasterCard, DISCOVER, or American Express.  Please use our convenient secure processor, CASHNet, available as a link through your Self Serve account.  Please note that CASHNet charges a fee if paying by credit card.

Please allow 2-4 days for the payment to be credited on your student account. To avoid a late payment fee, payments should be received in the Cashier's Office by the payment due date.

Tuition Payment Plan

The semester portion may be deferred only if you have completed the on-line registration process available through your CASHNet account (accessed through Self Service), and you are current with your payments. Delinquent payment plan accounts will be subject to late fees and interest charges.  Please note that the payment plan is semester based, and requires you to set up a plan prior to both the Fall and Spring semester.

Other special circumstances should be brought to the Bursar's attention immediately for review and consideration. Your account must be settled by the CYB due date. Plan now to meet that deadline!

Work Study

Federal College Work Study is NOT automatically applied to your student account as a direct credit, but is paid to you in the form of a paycheck.  Students who have questions regarding Federal Work Study can contact the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships for additional information.  Direct Deposit of work study checks is available and encouraged.

Privacy Law

Under FERPA regulations, account information for any student, regardless of dependency, cannot be discussed with third parties without the written consent of the student.  If you are a dependent student and wish to provide written consent to the Offices of Financial Aid and Student Financial Services to discuss your student account or financial aid with your parents or other relative, please complete an Authorization to Release Confidential Information and send or fax to either office.  This applies as well to the spouse or other relative of independent students.