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Sep 21
Household Week
Thursday, Sep 25, 4:00PM Women's Home Soccer Game
Thursday, Sep 25, 5:00PM Women's Home Volleyball Game
Thursday, Sep 25, 6:00PM Men's Home Soccer Game
Thursday, Sep 25, 8:00PM Fireside with Father
Thursday, Sep 25, 9:00PM Trivia Night
Saturday, Sep 27, 1:00PM First Men's Home Football Game
Saturday, Sep 27, 4:00PM Women's Home Soccer Game

Student Spotlight

Fort Lauderdale native Miquel Gonzalez says that the close-knit feel was part of the draw of an AMU liberal arts education. Majoring in biology with a minor in chemistry, he believes that a Catholic education will help him in the field of medicine. Miquel revived the AMU Rugby Club last year, and is in charge of social media for a group called Catholics Called to Witness.