The Aquinas Center sponsors a website and blog called Thomistica.netExternal link which features news, opinions, interviews, and scholarly resources related to the academic study of St. Thomas Aquinas. The site was founded in 2000 by Mark Johnson, professor of theology at Marquette University. Dr. Johnson, who handed over the operation of to friends at The Aquinas Center in the Summer of 2011, will continue as an adviser and contributor. We are honored by Dr. Johnson’s confidence in us and hope to continue this service to the scholarly community in a worthy manner.

Editor: Dr. Roger W. Nutt 
Assistant Editor: Dr. Joseph G. Trabbic

Dr. Robert J. Barry (Providence College)
Fr. Timothy Bellamah, O.P. (Dominican House of Studies) 
Dr. Michael Dauphinais (Ave Maria University) 
Dr. Michael V. Dougherty (Ohio Dominican University) 
Dr. Mark F. Johnson (Marquette University) 
Fr. Matthew L. Lamb (Ave Maria University) 
Dr. Steven A. Long (Ave Maria University)
Dr. Christopher Malloy (University of Dallas)
Dr. Thomas M. Osborne, Jr. (Center for Thomistic Studies, University of St. Thomas, Houston)  
Dr. Michael Pakaluk (Ave Maria University) 
Dr. Jörgen Vijgen (Willibrordhuis Major Seminary, Netherlands)
Fr. Bryan Kromholtz, O.P. (Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology, Berkeley)
Dr. Peter Kwasniewski (Wyoming Catholic College)
Dr. John Mortensen (Wyoming Catholic College)