Student Government

Student Government


The Student Government Association is a student council comprised of an executive board and class representatives elected by their peers to represent the student body. The role of the Student Government Association is to take upon itself a special responsibility to uphold the proper balance of intellectual, spiritual, social and physical development of the Student Body, always guided and directed by the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church. (Preamble of the Student Government Constitution)

"We can start our own traditions," says 2013 graduate and student government president Zach Crockett, who recalls the All Saints Day celebration, where the focus is on AMU's Catholic identity. Students attend Mass together, and the community gathers for dunk tanks, slip-n-slides, and a pig roast.

The Student Government is designed to listen to and address the needs of the student body. Student Government is also responsible for funding the Student Activities Board, student events, and clubs and organizations, including households and ministries. As such, students are encouraged to visit the Student Government office to propose suggestions or ask questions, which is located in the Student Lounge on the first floor of the Student Union.

Message from the Student Body President

Dear Fellow Students,

Welcome! To all returning and incoming students, it is an honor for me to greet all of you. When this University was founded, it was in cooperation with a mission greater than education alone. As coming from the heart of the Church, Ave Maria promotes a unique Catholic education in response to the call for a greater evangelization. According to our mission statement, this University seeks “the advancement of human culture,” “the promotion of dialogue between faith and reason,” and “the formation of men and women in the intellectual and moral virtues of the Catholic faith.” Hence, this University is not just responsible for the development of scholars, but also of saints.

This is the spirit in which Ave Maria was founded, and it is the spirit in which it continues today. I believe our student body is one of the great things about Ave Maria. The joy and strength of individual friendships here cannot be overstated. I believe the strength of these friendships stems from each person being so singularly interesting and unique, and we have a view to that uniqueness because the University takes an interest in us as unique individuals as well. We find it in our athletics programs that foster discipline and determination, in our classrooms that foster knowledge amidst dialogue, in our volunteer work that fosters service through gift of self, and in our worship that gives our individuality meaning in the Body of Christ. Ultimately, this lifestyle is the perfect antidote to a world in a crisis of identity.

So embrace the task before you, and take every opportunity to become that unique individual you are meant to be. If you give it a fair chance and your absolute effort, Ave Maria and all of its opportunities is an experience like no other; I’ve seen it happen myself, and I know that each one of you will be forever changed by that experience. If you do, I guarantee that this year will be a challenging year, a successful year, and—above all—the best year of your lives. I look forward to spending it with all of you.

Best wishes Ave,

Zachary Crockett

Student Government President 2012-2013