Get Involved

Clubs & Organizations

Ave Maria University is home to over fifty clubs and organizations on campus. If you have an idea for a club that already doesn't exist, you can help to start that club on campus.

Faith Households

A Household is a group of students who mutually support each other by spending time together in prayer and recreation. These Christ-centered groups strive for balanced, healthy, interpersonal relationships while supporting a member to grow.

Study Abroad

Ave Maria features opportunities for students to study abroad. Currently we have a program in Rome available for sophomores or above for a semester long.

Student Government

The Student Government is designed to listen to and address the needs of the student body. Student Government is also responsible for funding the Student Activities Board, student events, and clubs and organizations, including households and ministries.

Intramural Sports

Ave Maria University has instituted a strong year-round intramural program. They compete against one another in the spirit of fun and recreation. This past year the program saw an involvement of nearly 500 students.

Service Learning

Service Learning facilitates the hands on expression of Christ’s love for others especially in the marginalized and the poor. Service learning is rooted in Catholic Social Teaching.