The major in theology seeks to assist students in their development towards union with God, the Blessed Trinity.  Upon completion of the program, students will be able to demonstrate a basic understanding of the truths of the Catholic Faith through the study of Sacred Scripture, the living Tradition of the Church, and the authentic Magisterium.

Employment Opportunities for the Theology Major


Human Resources

Social Worker

Campus/Youth Ministry





Vocational Counselor

Community Development



Consecrated Religious Life

Physical Therapist



Public Relations



Religious Education


*Some jobs may require education or experience beyond a bachelor's degree.

Skills of Theology Majors with Professional Value

  • Ability to connect daily living to faith
  • Ability to think logically and critically and form arguments
  • Awareness of different perspectives and ability to deductively reason
  • Comprehensive command of grammar and vocabulary
  • Excellent proficiency in oral and written expression
  • Excellent background for raising children in the Faith
  • Possess ability to creatively teach concepts
  • Possess wide knowledge of theological and philosophical information
  • Proficiency in analytical and deductive reasoning
  • Strong research skills

Strategies for Increasing Employability

  • Enter seminary
  • Get additional training or double major in specialized areas.
  • Obtain certification for specialized areas.
  • Obtain Master's degree in counseling.
  • Gain experience by volunteering in local church and campus religious organizations.
  • Build relationships with local church and leaders.
  • Get experience in communications areas and develop a portfolio.
  • Obtain advanced degrees and certification for counseling and chaplainry
  • Obtain an M.T.S. from the Institute for Pastoral Theology and become a Director of Religious Education in a parish or diocese
  • Obtain Ph.D. required for teaching, research and administration in colleges and universities
  • Apply to religious order

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