Economics addresses some of the most important questions of society and human behavior and is a fascinating subject of study. At the same time, it is intimately related to day-to-day life and is an indispensable guide for practical decision-making.

Employment Opportunities for Economics Majors





Credit Analyst

Real Estate Broker

Bank Officer


Retail Sales Manager

Bond Trader



Business Manager

Financial Planner


Chamber of Commerce Analyst

Government Administrator


Commodities Trader

Insurance Salesperson



Market Research Analyst


*Please note that some of the occupations listed require further education.

Skills of Economics Majors with Professional Value

  • Ability to consult on business matters
  • Ability to prepare and write reports
  • Ability to recognize economic trends and patterns
  • Able to collect and organize data
  • Computer literacy
  • Conduct and clearly explain scientific research
  • Critical thinking and research skills
  • Excellent proficiency in oral and written expression
  • Thorough knowledge of economic principles and statistical procedures

Strategies for Increasing Employability

  • Participate in Internships
  • Plan on graduate degree for advancement.
  • Acquire advanced math and statistical knowledge.
  • Develop ability to think in theoretical terms and apply to practical situations.
  • Join relevant student organizations to develop leadership skills.
  • Gain experience through part-time, summer, or internship positions in financial service firms
  • Become the financial officer or treasurer of a campus organization
  • Earn an MBA
  • Earn a master's degree in public health or hospital administration
  • Obtain certification for public school positions
  • Obtain experience working with young people
  • Develop strong public speaking skills

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