Classics and Early Christian Literature

To study the Latin and Greek Classics now is to continue a tradition that brings the student into fellowship with the greatest thinkers and artists of the past in a way no other field of study can achieve.

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Employment Opportunities for the Classics Major


High School Teacher



Historic Preservationist

Public Relations Consultant

Arts Educator 

International Business Officer

Scientific Linguist

Computer Programmer


Tour Guide



Travel Writer

Editorial Writer



Financial Planner

Market Researcher


Foreign Correspondent

News Analyst


*Some jobs may require education or experience beyond a bachelor's degree.

Skills  of Classics Majors with Professional Value

  • Ability to connect new ideas
  • Ability to think clearly and form arguments
  • Attention to detail
  • Awareness of intercultural conflicts and perspectives
  • Careful record keeping
  • Comprehensive command of grammar and vocabulary
  • Excellent skills in oral and written expression
  • Possess a wide range of knowledge in historical information
  • Proficiency in analytical reasoning
  • Strong research skills

Strategies for Increasing Employability

  • Maintain a high GPA and develop strong recommendations from faculty
  • Apply on campus to be a resident assistant, orientation leader, admissions guide, etc.
  • Acquire computer skills
  • Volunteer or intern in an art or historical museum
  • Volunteer or intern with social service organizations
  • Learn to work well with people of diverse backgrounds
  • Earn a graduate degree in museum studies, art history, library/information science
  • Learn certification process for teaching K-12
  • Acquire certification in additional subject area(s) for increased job possibilities
  • Obtain a Ph.D. required for college/university teaching

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