Freshman Year


Begin the journey of finding your God-given calling by identifying skills, interests, values and abilities.


  •  Complete online assessment questionnaires to help you understand your work interests and provide examples of corresponding work.

·         Jung Typology Test

·         Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and Strong Interest Inventory (contact Career Services to schedule comprehensive assessment)


  • Browse references in the Canizaro library and Career Services, such as,

·         What Color is Your Parachute? 

·         Discover What You’re Best At 

·         Personal Vocation—God Calls Everyone by Name

  • Attend the Student Activities Fair in the Fall or Spring semester.
  • Join a student organization, club or household for personal and professional development. Click here for a list of student groups on campus.
  • Meet with Student Success Advisor to plan course schedules and majors.
  • Follow Ave Maria and AMUCareerServices on Social Media platforms to stay up to date on events and to build your network.
  • Create a preliminary resume. Refer to Career Services Resume Guide.