Faculty & Staff: Hiring a Student Worker

Faculty & Staff: Hiring a Student Worker

NEW! Online Job Posting

Ave Maria JobsOnline now hosts all on-campus student positions making it easier for you to hire student workers!

Step 1:  Supervisor submits the job description to Human Resources

Step 2:  Human Resources determines the hourly salary for the position and posts the job opportunity.

There are two classifications for Student Workers:

  • Student Worker - non federal work study (non-FWS)
  • Student Worker - federal work study (FWS)

Note: For FWS positions: the Federal Work Study grant pays 75% of the student's wages while the department pays the remaining 25%. To take advantage of FWS funding you must hire students with FWS eligibility.

  • If you are hiring for a work-study position, it is important that the student you have selected has received work-study funding. Some students do not know whether they are eligible for work study.  Contact Financial Aid at 239-280-1669 to confirm a student's status.
  • Send the completed New Hire Packet to Financial Aid to ensure student eligibility for work-study. Financial Aid will sign the New Hire forms and forward them to Human Resources.

Note: To view your job posting, login to Ave Maria JobsOnline.

  • Go to www.collegecentral.com/avemaria
  • click on the "Student" icon, on the next page click on "Login at Student Central"
    • in "Access ID" field type in Ave_Maria, for "Password" type in AMUstaff
  • To view all jobs posted by Human Resources, click on "Search for jobs/opportunities posted to my school"
  • Select On Campus for "Job Location", any on campus jobs posted by HR will appear.

Step 3:  Students apply for a position through the JobsOnline website and the information is sent directly to the position supervisor.

Step 4:  Supervisor responds to student and conducts appropriate interviews.  Supervisor notifies Human Resources of applicants who are not pursued.  Human Resources office notifies students who are not qualified or selected for the position.

Step 5:  Supervisor makes hiring decision, completes Student New Hire Salary Change form and, for students receiving federal work study, notifies Anne Hart (FWS student approval) and Human Resources.

Step 6:  Human Resources offers the position to the student and coordinates the completion of the required HR paperwork.

Step 7:  Human Resources will expire the job posting from College Central once the student has accepted the offer.

Note: Students must maintain satisfactory academic progress. Please see the Ave Maria University Academic Catalogue.